Chief of Competition

Biathlon – Chief of competition

Thomas Bachinger

Competition Committee

  • Competition Chief
    Thomas Bachinger
  • Competition secretary
  • Chief of timing
    Walter Schwarz
  • Stadium director
  • Chief of schooting range
    Günther Süß
  • Chief of course

Cross country Ski – Chief of competition

Karl-Heinz Eppinger

Competition Committee

  • Chief of Competition
    Rainer Kuchler
  • Subst. Chief of Competition
    Elmar Hilgart
  • Secretary
    Robert Weiß / Hubert Walter jun.
  • Chief of course
    Uli Wagner / Michael Hilgart
  • Chief of referee
    Gerhard Fritz
  • Chief of race control
    Tom Schüsser
  • Chief of stadium
    H-J Scheifele
  • Time keeping / Data processing
    Alge Timing – Pflanzl GmbH / AUT
  • Chief of first aid services
    Bergwacht Zwiesel


Stephan Haider